J. Kramer, A. Karantanas

MRI of the Knee, second revised & expanded edition

MRI of the Knee 2

This book relates the current state of science in diagnostic investigation of the knee with MRI.

MRI of the Knee is a comprehensive guide for investigations of the knee joint. It provides recent images and enables the reader to approach MRI reporting about the knee in a practical way. Clinical aspects and a number of schematic diagrams make it easier to understand current trends in diagnostic investigation of the knee with MRI. All diseases of the knee joint are elucidated by top-ranking international authors in the 22 chapters of the book. It is easy to read and can also be used as a reference. Its modern and reader-friendly layout complements the professional presentation of this bestseller. In 2020, the first edition was completely revised, updated and four further chapters with over 70 pages were added. This publication will be of significant use and relevance for general radiologists in training as well as experts.

  • More than 1.700 illustrations and MR images
  • A unique didactic concept
  • Recent trends in diagnostic investigation of the knee are interpreted by international experts
  • Provides a practical reference for imaging techniques and protocols

Editor: Josef Kramer, Apostolos Karantanas
2nd english edition
Publication date: March 2020


  • Hardcover, English
  • 22 chapters, 432 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-902933-81-2
  • Presale Price: € 199,00
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  • Afonso P. Diana
  • Alcalá-Galiano Andrea
  • Allen Gina
  • Arora Richa
  • Azofra Palacios Juan
  • Borić Igor
  • Breitenseher Martin
  • Cerezal Pesquera Luis
  • Cotten Anne
  • De Jonge Milko
  • De Maeseneer Michel
  • Desbuquoit Damien
  • Döring Seema
  • Ereño María José
  • Fernandez Garcia Ernesto
  • Fritz Lars B.
  • Glaser Christian
  • Grainger Andrew J.
  • Hemke Robert
  • Heuck Andreas
  • Heusdens Christiaan H. W.
  • Horng Annie
  • Idoate Saralegui Fernando
  • Karantanas Apostolos
  • Kassarjian Ara
  • Klontzas Michail
  • Kramer Josef
  • Llopis Eva
  • Maas Mario
  • McNally Eugene
  • Musson Rachel
  • Mut Raul
  • Nöbauer-Huhmann Iris-M.
  • Olaso Elejoste Ines
  • Padrón Mario
  • Pones Julia
  • Pones Matthias
  • Pretterklieber Bettina
  • Pretterklieber Michael L.
  • Reurink Gustaaf
  • Sanchez Lacalle Eugenia
  • Schäffeler Christoph
  • Shahabpour Maryam
  • Sutter Reto
  • Thompson Graeme
  • Tsavalas Nikolaos
  • Tzalonikou Maria
  • Van Dyck Pieter
  • Vassalou Evangelia E.
  • Weidekamm Claudia
  • Wilson David J.
  • Wunn Rainer


  1. Anatomy
  2. Functional Anatomy of the Tibiofibular Joint
  3. The Meniscus
  4. MRI of the Cruciate Ligaments
  5. Medial Collateral Ligament and Posteromedial Corner of the Knee Joint
  6. Lateral Collateral Ligament and Posterolateral Corner of the Knee Joint
  7. The Anterolateral Knee Corner
  8. Anterior Aspect
  9. The Proximal Tibiofibular Joint
  10. Patellar Variants and Lesions
  11. Cystic Lesions around the Knee
  12. Imaging of Cartilage
  13. Muscle Lesions
  14. Musculoskeletal Lesions of the Knee in Children
  15. Friction, Impingement & Entrapment Syndromes of the Knee
  16. Non-Neoplastic Bone Marrow Disorders
  17. Benign Synovial Disorders of the Knee
  18. MR Imaging of the Knee in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
  19. Osteoporosis in Sports, Effects on the Knee
  20. Soft Tissue Tumors
  21. Bone Tumors of the Knee Joint
  22. Guidelines for MR Imaging of Sports Injuries


Wolfgang Schima

„One of the strengths of this book are the schematic drawings, which help to understand the principles of lesion grading and their typical MR features.”
It is hard to believe that seven years have gone by since the 1 st edition of “MRI of the knee” has been published, with its wealth of information, elegant illustrations and high-quality images. In this new and expanded 2 nd edition the authors have managed to refresh and add many new illustrations, but also several new chapters have been added. Functional anatomy and imaging of the proximal tibiofibular joint are described. Sections on the anterolateral knee corner and patella variants and lesions have been added or considerably expanded for better understanding the biomechanics of the MR imaging appearance of lesions. Likewise, the difficult topic of friction, impingement, and entrapment syndromes is broadly covered. The chapters on meniscus, ligaments, cartilage, inflammatory disorders and tumors have been updated with a lot of new illustrations. One of the strengths of this book are the schematic drawings, which help to understand the principles of lesion grading and their typical MR features.
Of course, e-book content is available for the tablet-aficionado, but in my reading room, this book will be ready at hand between other classics of the Radiology textbook literature.

Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schima, MSc
Vorstand der Abteilung für Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie
Göttlicher Heiland Krankenhaus

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