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MRI of the Elbow

MRI of the Elbow

„This is the ideal book to get a structured overview of the key topics in MRI of the elbow.“

This publication is a compact companion and a practical reference for resident doctors, radiologists, surgeons, and everyone involved in sports medicine. Individual chapters are devoted to a wide range of topics such as athletic overuse injuries, tendon and osseous injuries or nerve compression. MR imaging techniques and the anatomy are reviewed in detail, and the book contains many didactic illustrations for easy visualization of important anatomical structures and concepts. The authors from the ESSR Sports Imaging Subcommittee are renowned experts in their fields and explain the topics in a comprehensible way.

Key features of MRI of the Elbow:

  • More than 400 illustrations and MR images
  • A unique didactic concept
  • An excellent educational guide for radiologists and surgeons
  • Provides a practical reference for imaging techniques and protocols

Editor: Reto Sutter
1st English edition
Publication Date: March 2018


  • Hardcover edition, English
  • 144 pp.
  • 10 chapters with more than 400 images and illustrations
  • Size: 21.4 × 30.2 × 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • ISBN: 978-3-902933-67-6
  • Price: € 129.00
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  • Diana P. Afonso
  • Andrea Alcalá-Galiano, MD
  • Silvan Beeler, MD
  • Luis Pérez Carro, MD, PhD
  • Luis Cerezal, MD, PhD
  • Antonio Cruz, MD
  • Danoob Dalili, MBBS
  • Milko C. de Jonge, MD
  • Danielle de Nobel, BSc
  • María José Ereño, MD
  • Lars Benjamin Fritz, MD, MBA
  • Andrew J. Grainger, MD, FRCR
  • Amanda Isaac, MBChB, MRCS, FRCR
  • Ara Kassarjian, MD, FRCPC
  • Rik B. J. Kraan, MD
  • Mario Maas, MD, PhD
  • Silvia Martin, MD
  • Eugene McNally, MD, FRCR
  • Dominik C. Meyer, MD
  • Johannes Rehm, MD
  • Christoph Schäffeler, MD
  • Alexis Studer, MD, PhD
  • Reto Sutter, MD
  • Alfredo Villalba, MD
  • Marc-André Weber, MD, MSc
  • Claudia Weidekamm, MD, MBA


  1. Imaging Technique
  2. MR Imaging Anatomy
  3. Athletic Overuse Injuries
  4. Osseous Injuries
  5. Distal Biceps, Triceps and Other Tendon / Muscle Disease
  6. Acute Ligament Injuries and Elbow Instability
  7. Nerve Compression (Elbow and Arm)
  8. Postoperative Elbow Imaging
  9. Elbow: What the Surgeon Wants to Know
  10. Imaging Protocols


Filip M. Vanhoenacker

“The editor and all co-authors should be congratulated on this excellent work and it is our great privilege to recommend this book as a reference work on elbow MRI.”
Following previous editions dedicated to sports imaging of the knee, hip, ankle and shoulder, the Sports Imaging Subcommittee of the European Society of MusculoSkeletal Radiology (ESSR) released in February 2018, a brand-new book on MRI of the Elbow, edited by Reto Sutter. Compared to large joints, the elbow joint is sometimes regarded as the “forgotten joint”. However, involvement of the elbow is not rare in the sportive population and goes far beyond a tennis or golfer’s elbow. This comprehensive work is written by internationally renowned experts in musculoskeletal imaging. The text reads very fluently and is beautifully illustrated by well-selected high-quality images, impeccable drawings and surgical views. As the title suggests, emphasis has been placed on MRI as diagnostic modality, although correlation with other imaging modalities, such as plain radiography and CT (arthrography) is done wherever appropriate (e.g. the chapters on osseous injuries and postoperative imaging). The book contains only a few ultrasound images, but this is related to the specific title of this work.
The relevant MR anatomy is thoroughly reviewed and state-of- the-art MR imaging techniques are summarized in the introductory chapters. The chapters on pathological conditions of the elbow are very accurately written and discuss every single detail, needed for meticulous analysis and reporting sports lesions of the elbow. In a special chapter “What the Surgeon Wants to Know” the authors focus on specific clinical questions that should be addressed by the radiologist.
The final chapter provides practical guidelines on MR Imaging protocols as recommended by the group of experts of the ESSR Sports Imaging Subcommittee. All references are up-to- date and unnecessary overlap is avoided throughout the book, which underscores the fact that the editor has undertaken a magnificent work in preparing the text. The table of contents is very clear. In addition, the book contains a very useful list of all common abbreviations, used throughout the book. I am convinced that this work will be a very useful tool for certified general and musculoskeletal radiologists, as well as for sports physicians, orthopedic surgeons and residents in these disciplines. The editor and all co-authors should be congratulated on this excellent work and it is our great privilege to recommend this book as a reference work on elbow MRI. I really enjoyed reading this work and I am sure that all other readers will like it as much as I do.

Prof. Dr. Filip M. Vanhoenacker
ESSR-president 2017-2018
AZ Sint-Maarten Duffel-Mechelen

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